5 Advantages of Ski Clothes Rental

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5 Advantages of Ski Clothes Rental

No. 1 – Save money!

Let’s face it, ski clothes are expensive!  And good ski clothes are even more expensive.  There’s nothing worse than being cold, wet, frustrated, and exhausted on the mountain.  As a newbie you may not be able to do anything about the exhaustion, but you can fix cold, wet, and thereby limit some of the frustration.  Look, we’ve all been the beginner on the mountain at one point or another – and I’m thankful that no longer applies to me – but I’ve taken enough first timers up on the mountain to know the problems they face.  The day starts with maybe a little trepidation, definitely a little excitement, and most people are ready to head for the lodge for lunch and a beer only to never surface again.  The refrain is typically the same, “I’m just not having fun.”  It isn’t fun struggling mightily with something, but until the skill improves, your problems don’t need to be compounded by subpar clothes.  To be blunt, if you’re on your bum all day in bad gear, you’re going to get wet, and if you’re wet on the mountain, you’re going to be cold.  All of that makes being bad at something even worse.  Here’s the rub though.  Why on earth would you spend money for Gore-Tex, top of the line gear for something you don’t know if you’ll even enjoy?  So, most beginners buy cheap stuff.  Fail cheap right?  In this case?  Wrong.  Renting ski clothes allows you to get good gear for a fraction of the price it would cost you to own that stuff.  Put yourself in a position to have a good experience.


No. 2 – Feel confident!

“Dress for the job you want!”  Wait, that’s not the adage I was looking for.  “Dress for success!”  There you go, that’s the one.  Have you ever gone golfing in tennis shoes?  I have.  Not on purpose, but it has happened before that I’ve left them behind.  Too cheap to buy a new pair, but prideful enough that I let it ruin my round, the whole day I was in my head, trying to prove that I did in fact belong on the golf course.   

I don’t think I’m alone, but when I jump on the ski lift with a bunch of people the first thing I do is check out their gear (I’ll expect a good tongue lashing from some of you in the comments section about how shallow that makes me).  The dead giveaway of their ability is usually the sticker on their rental skis.  By contrast, you ever get on the lift with someone and you can just tell they’re a regular?  You can just sense this is their home turf.  They know all the good runs and they carv’em up the way the ski gods intended.  I’m not saying renting name-brand clothes will make you a better skier/snowboarder, but a little extra confidence can go a long way to improving your time on the slopes.  If nothing else, you’ll look good in the lodge taking down some hot cocoa and if you’re anything like me, when I’ve got my golf shoes on (at the golf course!), I just try a little less hard to fit in.     


No. 3 – Don’t pay baggage fees!

Baggage fees are one of the nastiest parts of air travel these days – right up there with the airlines over booking and then kicking unwilling passengers off of planes.  Did you know in 2016 the airline industry made $4.2B in baggage fee revenue?  So, what do you think is going to happen if you pack a big fluffy pair of snow pants and a big fluffy winter jacket?  You’re going to be checking a bag, fattening the pocket of the airline.  If you were on the fence about whether you should buy snow pants and a snow jacket that you’d rarely use otherwise, this might be the push you need to just rent the stuff.  Most airlines that require a baggage fee charge $25-$35 for the first checked bag.  That’s $50-$70 on a round trip.  Poof.  Gone.  For 3 days, you can rent a snow jacket and pants from Threadventure for $57.72.  By just not checking a bag, your snow clothes paid for themselves.  You’re playing with house money.  Not only that, you don’t have to wait at baggage claim for your bag to arrive.  You don’t risk the airline losing your bag.  And you don’t have to do all of that all over again on your return flight home. 


No. 4 – Trial brands you’ve always wanted to own!

This might be the best part.  Some of the brands we offer through our service are expensive to own.  Not sure if they’re worth the expense above and beyond some other products you are considering?  Renting these brands at a discounted rate is a great way to trial them.  Are the pockets in the right places?  Are they truly waterproof?  Is this shell keeping me warm enough?  How many layers do I need underneath this pair of pants?  Finding the right gear by trialing it might just turn you into a life long advocate of a brand you’d never thought you could even try. 


No. 5 – Don’t worry about the laundry!

Hate doing laundry when you get home from a long trip?  Yeah, me too.  I hate it so much it usually takes me about a week to even unpack after a trip.  And even then, it’s only because I need to wear the item for something else, so I’d better get the ‘ol washing machine fired up.  Well, good news, with our service you return the item to us in its used condition.  We’ll handle the cleaning.  You can take a load off.  Get it?  Take a load off!  It’s a washing machine joke.


It’s pretty simple.  If you ski all the time, you should probably go out, buy some really good gear and wear it into the ground.  If you don’t participate in winter sports very often or expect to get regular use out of a snow jacket, snow pants, or goggles, rent them.  You’ll save money and have a better overall experience. 

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