How to Avoid Airline Travel Fees by Renting Apparel at Your Destination

How to Avoid Airline Travel Fees by Renting Apparel at Your Destination

Did you know the airline industry earned $3.8 billion in baggage fees in 2015?  In fact, that number was expected to expand to $4.2B by 2016.  Baggage fees are part of “optional” services provided by the airlines that fall into a larger heading for the airlines referred to as ancillary revenue.  When the a la carte ticketing model was in its infancy in 2007 the airline industry earned $2.1B in a la carte revenue and that category has ballooned by 1233% since then.  And unfortunately, current lawmakers are seeking to forego proposals that required airline carriers to list baggage fees along ticket prices.  Depending on the airline, this veil of secrecy will leave you in the dark until the final ticket payment screen.  Airline travel can be confusing enough as it is.  So, what can you do about it?

Well, you could skip the airline travel altogether, that would show’em!  Except, you’d mostly be boycotting alone.  The number of passengers flying from now to 2035 is expected to double to 7.2 billion passengers flying per year.  Have no fear, you could just join the minimalist bandwagon instead – it is certainly gaining steam.  The minimalist mantra of owning less so you can cut down on clutter/stress and focus instead on opportunities is certainly one we could get behind.  After all, who doesn’t love a tiny house?  But, let’s face it, some activities you’d love to try require some specific gear to make the activity enjoyable, or at a minimum, possible.  So, best of all worlds?  Go on, be a minimalist, but look at the ever-increasing options to rent the gear and apparel you need once you arrive at your travel destination.  When it comes to skiing and snowboarding most travelers don’t think twice about renting the skis, poles, boards, and helmets at the base of the slopes or somewhere along the highway as you drive in.  Well, do the same with the snow pants and jackets.  While you’re at it, rent the gloves you’d almost never use again, the goggles that have no purpose beyond the mountain, and you might as well trial some high tech base layers it might not otherwise be practicable to buy. But the convenience doesn't have to stop there.    

Imagine showing up at the airport for four days of skiing with just a cell phone, toothbrush, deodorant, underwear, swim trunks (for the hot tub), and Advil (also to be combined with the hot tub).  For starters, you wouldn’t be paying a checked bag fee ($25-$50 depending on the airline).  Flying there and back would be $50-$100 that goes straight to the airline instead of really enhancing your experience.  Second, you won’t have to upgrade to UberX to make sure your driver has enough trunk space.  Third, your time at the airport will be much more enjoyable without worrying where to stow your roller board while you’re grabbing a bite to eat or shuffling it from security to your gate.  Fourth, you won’t have to worry about all the gear you’d need not making it all the way to the final destination (it isn’t happening as much as it used to, but airlines still lose 6 bags per 1,000 passengers).  Fifth, think of all the money you’ll save!  Good snow apparel that will keep you dry and warm regardless of the conditions is expensive.  So, if you plan to own the right gear, plan on shelling out a lot of cash.  Don’t go skiing or snowboarding often enough to justify spending all that cash?  Truthfully?  Neither do most people.  Sixth, you won’t have to wear that faded skiing onesie your dad said you could borrow.  Seventh, guess who has two thumbs and can spend the day after vacation chilling instead of doing a bunch of laundry?  You.      

Now, all of that was true if you’re traveling by yourself.  People rarely go on ski trips solo.  If you’re like me, you’ll have the whole family in tow.  My wife, two daughters, and I will probably pack as much stuff as we can into one checked bag, saving us from all of us checking a bag individually.  If we avoid 3 checked bags at $35 per bag, times 2 for the leg to our destination and back, we’re saving $210.  My daughters are still growing, so buying them expensive winter clothes is a tough pill to swallow.  I’d much rather put the $210 we saved towards renting them some gear and avoid the hassle of a four-year-old dragging a roller board around the airport. 

Besides, buying expensive apparel before you know if you like it, especially if you’re not going to use it often, just doesn’t make any sense anymore (if it ever did!).  Not to mention, if you’re a newbie, you might not even know if you like winter sports yet.  And, you might not even have the closet space to stash your puffy gear anyway.  With our service you can trial apparel from the best brands like Patagonia, Burton, Columbia, Under Armour, and North Face for a fraction of the cost of ownership.  Rent ski jackets, pants, snowboarding gear, fishing gear, hiking and camping gear from us.  We’ll deliver it to you at the Denver airport before you even leave the airport property.  All you have to do is return the equipment to us at the airport before you catch your flight home.   

Great, now you’re traveling like a pro!  Remember that money we saved you on checked bag fees?  Use it to rent the ski gear you need.  Connect with us at where you can search for great gear in all sorts of sizes, using our sizing chart to make sure you’ve got a great fit.  Fill your cart, and tell us your flight number.  On the day of your arrival we’ll make sure we’re at the airport before you arrive, so we can pass the gear to you.  You’ll feel like a rock star and in our threads, you’ll look like a rock star, too (or at least like you might be a really good snow boarder).

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