How do I receive my order when I get to Denver?

We'll be waiting for you at Final Approach, the Denver International Airport cell-lot. We'll have your information, including flight info, after you check-out and will be in contact with you leading up to your arrival. Just make sure you enter your flight numbers and estimated arrival departure times during checkout!

I'm not flying into Denver (I'm local or driving in), can I still place an order?

Of course! Instead of putting your flight information into the box at checkout, just let us know your situation and expected time of pick-up/drop-off.  While we can't make any promises, we may be able to establish a more convenient meeting place for you in the Denver area. 

I changed my mind on some items, but don't want to cancel my whole order. What do I do?

Contact us directly and we'll get you taken care of! Just make sure you have your order number for reference. 

My plans changed and I need to cancel my order, will I get a refund?

Check our cancellation policy to see which circumstance you fall under. 

My flight was delayed and I won't be able to pick up my order until the following day, will I be charged for my original timeline?

Travel can be frustrating, we get that. We're happy to refund the day that was missed due to travel delays. We'll have your flight info, but it never hurts to keep us in the loop if you're able.